Propane Safety Tips

Read the Guidelines for Information

If you smell gas in your home or vehicle, have your propane tank checked by an experienced technician. Make sure that you also know the basic gas leak safety guidelines to protect yourself and the individuals near you until professional help comes. The pros at Guier Gas in Houstonia, MO have the knowledge and skills to provide propone safety repairs.

What to do if you smell gas

What to do if you smell gas

If you think you smell propane in your home, camper, RV, the area around any gas equipment, or if a gas alarm signals the presence of propane, you should IMMEDIATELY follow these suggestions on gas leak safety:

  • Extinguish all smoking materials and any other open flames or sources of ignition. Everyone should vacate the building, vehicle, or area.
  • Move away without using any electric switches, appliances, thermostats, or telephones.
  • Close the gas shutoff valve on the propane tank or cylinder.
  • Call your propane supplier and/or your local fire department from a cellular telephone or a neighbor's telephone.
  • Even if you do not continue to smell propane, do not open or turn on the propane supply valve. Do not re-enter the building, vehicle or area. Let a qualified propane service technician and/or emergency personnel check for escaped propane.
  • Have a properly trained propane service technician repair the leak. The propane service technician or emergency responder needs to determine that the leak situation has been fully resolved using propone safety repairs. The propane service technician should check all of your gas appliances and re-light any appliance pilots.
  • Return to the building, camper, RV, or area only when the service or emergency technician indicates it is safe to do so.

Check for Gas Leaks

Deal with your busted propane equipment by calling highly trained service technicians. At Guier Gas, we have the right knowledge and tools to resolve your propane problems efficiently. Call us at (660) 568-3331 or at our toll-free number 1-888-479-9747 in case of emergency or if you need assistance in any propane related difficulties.